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Marketing as a Service

We help you understand the modern world of marketing, implement a realistic plan, and then we do the work.

Marketing as a service, MEGABIT

Marketing services tailored to you

Our program is customized for individual clients who can choose from just one service or a bundle of services for a complete marketing experience. With this serve we help businesses learn a lot more about who they are and can focus on marketing targets.

Marketing as a Service is about much more than just marketing. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach, as we get to know and understand each business so they can meet individual needs. Businesses of all sizes should focus on what goals they want to achieve and the strategies they want to use to get there. That is why we dig into the business to see what platforms and tools are currently being used as well as the people and processes that can be used to drive success. 

What we offer

Using IT is crucial as an enabler for success and growth, and if you choose us, you’ll get to work alongside our expert team who can advise, consult, deliver, manage and support you.

Advancing Marketing Execution

Whether or not businesses have a dedicated in-house team for marketing, most companies understand their brand completely and thoroughly. However, using a Marketing as a Service company helps execute marketing campaigns in a successful way. There are four ways Marketing as a Service can improve the implementation of marketing.


Our MaaS has marketing professionals who specialize in a variety of niches that an in-house marketing team may not have. The skill sets, know-how, and experience a provider brings can make a big difference in the success of a business’s marketing campaign and to the number of potential clients the message reaches.


Changing times call for the ability to move with them. Being flexible is extremely important so that a company can jump on real-time opportunities. MaaS is stored in the cloud, allowing for streamlined operations and agility in marketing strategies. This allows businesses to share not only relevant messaging but current and minute-by-minute messaging. This helps involve current and prospective clients in a new and exciting way.

New Viewpoint

It is easy for businesses to get caught up in what is right in front of their faces, which makes it hard for them to see the bigger picture. Marketing as a Service is able to step back from the day-to-day operations of a marketing department and see how effective current campaigns are.  With MaaS, programs are constantly being analyzed and measured to see which campaigns are working and which ones are not. A Marketing as a Service company is able to offer new viewpoints as to what may work better to cut costs, improve productivity, and get a greater return on investment.

List of services we provide in MaaS

Marketing as a service, MEGABIT

Our Packages

Choose one of our MaaS  packages below and get started

Startup Package



Per month

  • Branding
  • Website design
  • Website listing 
  • Social media marketing for a month

SMEs Package



Per month

  • Branding when applicable
  • Website development
  • SEO audit and implementation 
  • Social media marketing

Arrange a consultancy

Or contact us to discuss your needs further by calling +250 788 125 000 to speak to a Marketing  specialist.

Marketing as a service, MEGABIT