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Towards digitalization of businesses in Africa

"We don’t just have the expertise to develop, deploy and manage the most sophisticated systems – we consistently demonstrate the mission to digitalize businesses in Africa ."

, About Us

It’s not about us, it’s about you

Our approach is simple. Your success is our success.

Whether you’re a MEGABIT client or a member of the team, it’s our job to make sure you’re achieving the best results – and if you’re succeeding, then so are we.

Our Mission

"Digitalization of businesses in Africa"


1. To become a hub of digital solutions in Rwanda

2. To move Africa's business forward through internet

3. To become the enabler of digital businesses in Africa


We’ve developed a unique people-first culture, built around our six  company values.

Passionate about people

At MEGABIT , we’re all about delighting our customers and looking after our team.

We think that making sure our employees love what they do is just as important as making sure our clients love what we do.

Our exceptionally high staff retention rates mean our employees are here to stay. They form lasting and engaging relationships with our clients, and have a genuine passion for everything they do.

Over the years we’ve developed a unique culture, with our six company values – Customer Centric, Team work, Embrace change, Perseverance, Dedication and Accountability– running at the heart of everything we do.

Our company values

Customer Centric

This reflects our choice of what’s important in the order of priority. Only by creating sustained customer value can employees grow and shareholders achieve long-term benefit.

Embrace change

We must be always ready to cope with changes and be able to learn and adapt new skills as the technology always is improved.


When we are at work, we must avoid distractions and dedicate ourselves on the job that we are doing.

Team work

We want to ensure that integrity among ourselves ,collaboration and authenticity are done in our organization to help us improve. Without that each team member may be acting independent.


We must have strong heart and be able to work in any condition, good or bad, happy or on pressure just to deliver good service and achieve our mission


Whatever we do, we must be ready to justify what we did, and be ready to be hold accountable when we don’t meet our objectives.

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